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Innovation Union & Turkey

Turkey has been promoted from the previous year’s ‘Modest Innovators’ group to the ‘Moderate Innovators’ group of the European Union’s Innovation Union 2016 Scoreboard. Countries such as Norway, Spain, Italy, and Greece are also in the ‘Moderate Innovator’ group. When compared to the EU, Turkey’s increase in performance was stagnant between 2008-2014, however, a strong surge has been observed in 2015. Indicators such as public expenditure on R&D, private expenditure on R&D, the number of international scientific articles, the number of scientific publications resulting from public and private sector collaboration, and international patent applications are taken into account for the evaluation of a country’s innovation performance. Turkey has made progress in the scope of almost all of these indicators and the best-performed fields are sales of innovative products for management and market.

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